Deerhammer Distilling - Buena Vista, CO

Our Story


Many well known whiskey icons in this country hail from a long line of great distillers — with such notable family names as Beam, Noe and Van Winkle. Our distilling lineage is of a much different sort.

During prohibition in Brooklyn, NY, my great grand parents bottled and sold their own variety of high-proof spirits. AKA, bathtub gin. They were known to have run a solid, albiet less than legal, operation. While I can not speak to the quality of their product or the integrity of the ingredients used, I do believe that the same ingenuity and passion that went into my family's efforts back in the day carries through in every bottle Deerhammer that we offer to you.


Lenny Eckstein — owner/head distiller

After 13'some years of 9-5 cubicle life, working in advertising as a graphic designer for various corporations around the country, something snapped. Nobody took my stapler and no fax machines were damaged, but I knew it was time for a change.

A solid background in homebrewing, a few years of practical experimentation in distilling theory and a strong passion for all things artfully crafted seemed like a perfect impetus for what has now become Deerhammer Distilling Company. With the support of my wife/business partner/bar maid - Amy, we are doing something we truly love. I hope you enjoy our whiskeys as much as we enjoy making them.

Amy Eckstein — owner/barmaid

Amy has been around and seen a thing or two. Originally hailing from a suburb outside of Boston, she wrapped up her under-grad degree at UNH and was quick to seek out bigger adventures. As a professional raft guide she spent years on the most amazing rivers throughout Maine, Alaska and Idaho. Seeing the most beautiful places, meeting new people and sleeping on the ground. While the life of a raft guide offered up a ton of off-street cred and freedoms from the rat race, it wasn't the most lucrative career. Mix together a few more years of college plus wedding — Amy is now a practicing nurse in Colorado and the co-owner of Deerhammer, and bar maid extraordinaire.

Panoramic Vista in Buena Vista, CO


In a conversation during our early start up efforts someone asked me, "Why Buena Vista?". Before I could respond, someone else chimed in, "If you'd ever been to BV you'd know why". I couldn't have said it better.

When we decided to pursue our dream we knew that it could only happen in BV. There's something very special about this place and we hope to play a small part in shaping the character of this town that we love so much.