Deerhammer Distilling - Buena Vista, CO

The Process


It does not come any better than ours. Uber-rich in mineral content and straight from the headwaters of the Arkansas River, our water begins it's journey fourteen thousand feet above sea level and flows straight down Cottonwood Pass to the Deerhammer Distillery. Amazing water for kayaking and even better for whiskey!


Amazing whiskey is in no shortage these days. Many American distilleries make up the bulk of their grain bill with such traditional grains as corn, barley, rye or wheat. This is all fine and good, but at Deerhammer we are constantly looking to put our own unique twist on tradition. Our Small Batch White & Single Malt Whiskey is constructed from a variety of five malted barleys of varying levles of roast. This blend of grain tends to be a whole lot more expensive than more standard whiskey grains. We feel that the flavors imparted by these less traditional grains offer up an amzing range of subtle chocolate, carmel and roasty flavors — well worth the splurge.


After mashing our grains we inoculate the wash, with a healthy dose of a traditional American whiskey yeast. While there are other yeast strains out there that might be more efficient at covering the sugar to mega-alcohol, we are more interested in achieving the highest quality starting point (wash) for our spirits.


Our wash is open fermented. Within 3-5 days it will ferment out to a distillers beer of approximately 8% alcohol by volume. If you were to sample it at this point you might find it similar to an underhopped porter. Not the most awesome beer, but a beer none the less.


Our spirits are double distilled through a custom build traditional copper pots still. It is not the most efficient or versatile still design, but efficiency is not our end goal at Deerhammer — Great whiskey is. We feel that running our pots still slowly and intentfully imparts a perfect starting point for our spirts to then be taken off into any number of innovative directions as it's aged to perfection.


At Deerhammer, we mature our whiskey in hand made 30 gallon heavy toasted/lightly charred white american oak casks from Minnesota. We sample our aged spirits at regular intervals to be sure that the spirit is up to our standards before leaving the barrel. We have no intention of rushing a product into the bottle and onto the shelves before it's ready. That's not to say that we don't enjoy a "sample" of the young stuff from time to time!

We are also currently experimenting with the introduction of some other less standard wood additions (palo santo, hickory, cherry, butternut...) and have been quite pleased with the early results. Stay tuned for some limited release whiskey that will rock your socks off!.